“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never

What type of Geek are you?

having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.” – Simon Pegg

Last night was the launch of the Geek Mook by Vingette Press at Bella Union bar in Trades Hall.

The Geek Mook is a selection of articles, memes, tables and images by 41 contributors along the theme of ‘geek’.

I haven’t yet started to read it but will have a review about it later.

Anyway – the launch.

The night was MC by friend and ‘go to geek’ when in need of a geek – Ben Mckenzie. Ben is a self confessed Doctor Who and Community fan paying omage last night by wearing an Inspector Spacetime t-shirt. He also loves Minecraft and hosts a montly Dungeon Crawl (LARP D and D or Live Action Role Play Dungeons and Dragons comedy show) which also ends up being comedy as expressed last night seeing as the players were the audience and full of geeks come up with this:

Ethyl the awesome female bard* squid who goes for adventures in Thisland where the ruler is Cheleron who has asked you to rescue there child Mertyl who has been kidnapped by a giant candy-floss goblin called Bob. The entrance to the cave is garded by a Giant Frog called Nappy. You are not just a squid but because you are a mimic squid you turn into a toad and punch him in the cock. Now you have him wounded you atempt to sing the best song you know – but instead sing the worst song; Friday. But as a fan of this song Nappy is distracted and you spray him with ink which makes him melt away. When you unchain Mertyl the first words you say to him where; “Bring back Paul Keating.” You are bestowed a gift of a creature from outta space as your reward.

After these shananigans four writers read out their pieces. Ben Solah was dressed as a wrestker – spandex and all (his geek) and Angela Meyer as a Ghostbuster.

To end the official launch the two editors indulged us by translating To Kill A Mocking Bird to Klingon.

*Bard – an occupation in D and D that is basically a guy with no/little skills in fighting or magic but thinks he is the next James Blunt, but really just annoys the fuck out of people

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