I am trying to discover this more and more as it is:

a. My favourite fiction genre; and

b. What I am trying to write my first fiction novel on

So – what exactly is “steampunk”?

As stated above Steampunk is a genre of fiction; which is a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

It emergerged during the late 80’s and early 90’s. As well as being part of the SiFi/Fantasy genre, it is also known for having distinctly horror, alternitive history, speculative fiction and has a strong focus on the Victorian era* where a lot of stories are placed except with one major difference – STEAM is a high focus in these stories, whether it be power, transport or otherwise.

Think H.G Wells – The Time Machine and that’s pretty much it.

Today steampunk isn’t just a genre though; with nerd written all over it steampunk has turned into a fashion trend, art design and new look for those that like to know how things work.

What I like about steampunk?

For me – being a independent mid 20’s tea drinking – I am woman, it is the female role models that attracted me to this genre.

For example; Alexia Maccon nee Tarrabotti in Gail Carriger’s Parasole Protectorate Series is a strong independent middle aged woman (who just happens to be soulless) and is determined never to marry and if anyone crosses her path – they better watch out… she has a tongue that makes even the fiercest of vampires and werewolfs cower. Even when she does marry this doesn’t stop her independent ways and strict likeness for having things just so – which means no tolerance for rudeness.

Secondally, is Xandra Vardan – from the Immortal Empire Series. I am currently reading this book – and LOVING IT, but that isn’t what this post is about. Xandra, short for Alexandera (coincidence?) has a very strong sense of family honor and justice. She isn’t afraid of handling a gun and has a strong possie of male role models and companions around her. She has a very strong will-power as well…. more to come in the review.

I’d like to think that if I was steampunk character I would look like this:

Me as Steampunk

* It should be noted that Steampunk can also be set in the wild west and other settings

15 thoughts on “STEAMPUNK – UMMM WHAT?

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  1. I think it was the Technology that first drew me to Steampunk – I love the application of Steam-power to advanced technology and especially Airships. Add to that the social upheaval and conflict of rapid industrialization and the Imperialism of Empire, and you have an awesome setting to play around with fantastic technologies. I don't think i'll ever get tired of it.


  2. The last book I read specifically labeled steampunk was 'Boneshaker' by Cherie priest, closer to the start of the year. Entry level, I know. I recently read Michael Moorecocks 'Nomad of the Timestreams' series, which is basically steampunk – though it was written before the movement/genre gained popularity and isn't labeled as such. Currently I’m reading 'The War in the Air' by H.G Wells, and that contains a lot of steampunk elements though I’m not sure I’d rightly call it Steampunk.


  3. I am on goodreads, though relatively recently. Sometimes I’ll throw up a review of what I’m reading, if I have enough to say and I have the time to write one, Otherwise it moves from the 'to read' shelf to the 'read' shelf 😛


  4. Yes! Embrace the Steam! :DThe Immersion Book of Steampunk is a good one. Nice and eclectic. People rave about Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. And of course, you should be getting an e-copy of Greaveburn asap 😀


  5. Yeah….I am starting to write a steampunk novel but there are too many ideas running through my head!I know what I want to do but am having trouble expressing it and getting it down on paper.


  6. It's a case of refining your ideas. Steampunk has too many awesome possibilities. With my current WIP, The Adventures of Alan Shaw, I've had to think long and hard about what ideas to use and which not to, and shelved the ones I can't viably use for later stories. Just pick out the ideas that'll best highlight your character's story 😀


  7. Ok, that's a good start. If you can figure out where she comes from (or starts out) and where you want her to be, then all you need to do is figure out what series of events would take you from A to b. Then add some hurdles, losses and adventures inbetween. There you have it, your first draft's plot! (Subject to change hahaha)


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