I have just finished watching Frank Woodley’s new physical comedy Woodley, and there is only one word I would use to discribe this creation – devine!

I heard it getting praise all week and told I must watch it from Comics…. I wasn’t disapointed.

The series focuses around Woodley, who is recently devoriced from his wife Em (Justin Clarke) coming to terms with his life as a single father.

The series premire also cameos Ben McKenzie (local Melbourne Science Nerd and along with his brother creator of Dungeon Crawl).

Anyway….Woodley is a very different comedy series to the usual on the ABC. Woodley recaptures the glory of physical comedy not seen since the days of Laurel and Hardy and what Frank Woodley was known for in his duo: Lano and Woodley (who split in 2006 after 20 years together).

Wikipedia says:

Physical comedy, also known as slapstick, is a comedic performance relying mostly on the use of the body to convey humour.

Physical comedy, whether conveyed by a pratfall (landing on the buttocks), a silly face, or the action of walking into walls, is a common and rarely subtle form of comedy. It is a clownish exploitation of movement, the most primordial human medium of expression, which predates language and the introduction of verbal humour[citation needed] such as cultural tradition, erudition and word puns. Often sitcoms will incorporate such movements into the scenes but may not rely on it exclusively to forward the story. Often it will be used as comic relief especially during more serious or intimate scenes.


The first scene of Woodley highalights this the best as Frank doesn’t speak throughout the entire scene and all the laughs came from Frank doing stuff, this created truly devine viewing and I cannot wait to watch the show next Wednesday at 8pm on ABC1.

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