Fright Night

Single Father

Synopsis: When Dave’s wife Rita dies suddenly, he finds himself a single father to their four children. Rita’s best friend Sarah is also devastated, but offers support to Dave and the family. In the midst of their shared grief, events take a turn that neither Dave nor Sarah could have ever predicted.

Considering I only watched Fright Night because of David Tennant being in it (and the fact that it isn’t TWILIGHT) I was quite surprised that I liked it as much as I did. IT had blood, guts and cheesey plots but was all in all an awesome movie. The writers have added quite a few references to modern day living, however this only adds to the comicness in the script. It stars our own Toni Collette as the mother. Now, I haven’t seen the original however, I am going to hunt that out. As the re-make wants to make me see the original. It was well done and although I started watching it for David by the end I wanted to take the whole cast home with me.

I had been meaning to go through David Tennant’s back catalogue in a while, I have most of it but Single Father was something that I hadn’t got to watching, until last night. Oh My God – I, being a comedian am meant to hate dramas but this was just so good. It gives you a hell of a fight with your emotions for every episode and considering I don’t cry with movies or TV shows I felt my heart ache for Dave (David Tennant) a father of four children who suddenly becomes a single father after his girlfriend is involved in a car accident. He struggles to cope with the new strain of having to step up and be a double parent, throw in an ex-wife, the real father of one of his children and your wife’s best friend and this is one emotionally charged drama.

Have a packet of tissues ready.


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