Why’d the nerd cross the road? Seems a simple question to answer but I’ll have you know there is a long story behind this – which I’ll condense into a small post.

We are 2 weeks into the 2nd half of the Doctor Who series and I am come down with a severe case of nerd. Although still strong the first couple of times round, this time it has come back thick, fast and HARD! Probably not helped by my 2 week writing-rampage in which I got my 1st draft out of my comedy show (in which involved going back through David Tennant’s episodes – oh being a comic is such a hard life.) Anyway…. Doctor Who is back and this time I have decided to fling myself into my own Time Machine, in which I call the Internet and library and watch old episodes of Doctor Who and am starting to have in depth discussions about this fella.

Matt Smith & David Tennant (11 and 10)

Considering where I live has come under the case of ‘being a fuckhead’ because of Footy Finals Fever I have rightly chosen to stay low and focus on what really matters in the world – the news. Unlike the people I live who have told me that “the only news I need to concern myself with is footy.” Yeah; because when my country is engaged with a 10 year war that we were blind-led led into like a dog on a chocker and my house is now under threat by insurgents I really find comfort in asking: WWNRD? (What Would Nick Revolt Do?)

It just scares me that I live with people who are more concerned about a game then what is happening in “the news” I can understand their interest in sport but when you think that “…Sam Newman is the greatest man that ever lived…” and you are telling me that I have problems, I think you should take a long hard look at yourself.

But back to why I wanted to write this post: I am a nerd. Not just a Science Fiction one, but also a Comedy one (an essay will come on this later). However I love my Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Wars and Sherlock Holmes. So I asked at the start of this post; Why’d The Nerd Cross The Road?

The answer…..

To be let into ComicCon.

*Sorry this seemed like a rant but I needed to express something and doing this is a lot cheaper then a shrink.

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