So, this week marked the start of the 4th season of The Gruen Transfer – which also means that Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft will be at it weekly about the world of advertising, with comedian Wil Anderson being the ref. For those of you who do not know what The Gruen Transfer is; it is a show about ad’s by the people that make them. Gruen Transfer refers to “the moment when a consumer enters a shopping mall and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, loses track of their original intentions. It is named for Austrian architect Victor Gruen.”

See below for a prime example of the uncanny bitter-sweet battle between Todd and Russel (go to 18 min mark and watch till end).

Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson

I have been of this show since its beginning. Loving it for its honest, yet comical spin on the ad’s that consume our lives. In fact me writing this blog is promoting the show – so it is effectivly an ad in itself.

My favourite panel member is Todd Sampson. He is from Leo Burnett Worldwide, an advertising company that has had many notible clients including; Disney, Samsung, Coca Cola, Halmark Cards and Heinz. His arguments and points about the advertising are quite valid, despite how often Russel disagrees with him, causing Todd to hang his head in shame.

In 2009 I also saw Todd on a QandA session intitled: Hey, Hey It’s Racism, which was very entertaining and quite informative aswell.

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