Well according to his autobiography of  the same title, Rik Mayall.

As the intro states on the first page he explains: Give me your hand small ordinary person, and walk with me – for I shall be your guide. You don’t have to worry with me for I shall not give you a quick feel-up or anything like that. For I am nice. And a lot nicer than those other cunts who write books and stuff.

I have just finished reading this book and there has been a “laugh out loud” moments throughout the pages of this piece of work that he has called “The Other Great Book.”

My friend Zack Adams put me onto this book and I thank him for it.

I have been meaning to watch The Young Ones and as I was reading this I hunted them out, for those of you out there here are some best bits of Rik in The Young Ones.


I loved him in Drop Dead Fred and it wasn’t until recently that I realised that he was in a show that I was obcessed with watching even though it scared me shitless. I didn’t realised that Rik Mayall was the narrarator of Grim Tales and had the awesome chair that ate him. We figured out that in school they terrified you, now you love them. If you have no idea of what I am talking about here is one:

My advice, read the book, watch the videos. You’ll laugh.


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