I will preface this blog post with a conversation.

Me: I am trying to think of a catchy title for the blog post. A funny one….

Adam: Oh yeah…..

Me:…. Wally De-Backer?

Adam: (laughs) Hey, I am not that hairy!

Me: (laughs) Well….

So, this blog post is being called Wally De-Backer in order to a) make Adam not speak to me again or b) make him laugh….. I secretly hope b.

So who is this strange person on which I quote a convosation of before I introduce him? So sorry, Readers, I’d like you to meet Adam Wallace. A primary school teacher trained writer who has self-published 10 How To Draw Books, which are:

  • A dog
  • A cat
  • A shark
  • A bull
  • A rabbit
  • A horse
  • A lion
  • A dragon
  • A gorilla
  • A giraffe

Better Out Then In, 2007

This book is 6 gross, disgusting, terrible, awful yet hilarious stories that may or may not be based on real facts. This book is also on the Victorian Premier’s reading Challenge list. It is recomended for grades 5 and 6 – however I am 23 and love it.

The Share-A-Not, 2008

The benifits of sharing.

The Negates, 2009

A book all about being positive and looking on the bright-side of life.

Mac O’Beasty, 2010

About being healthy and eating right.

Now, in the next two weeks Wallace’s newest book will hit the shelves and I cannot wait, it is entitled The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee. A story about a boy who wants to become a knight, which is all well and good because this book is based in medievil times and not in 2011 apart from one thing – he has one arm.

released in July!

If you would like to MEET THE AUTHOR then he can be found quite frequently at the Book Market at Federation Square in the Atrium. Just look for this guy:

Adam's stall at the Book Market


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