I was walking home today, the very cold breeze hitting my face and making my ears want to fall off and run into my pocket to keep warm. I turned the corner and looked forward to checking the mail, I was excited to see that the book I had ordered had arrived. Making a b-line for my room I opened and shut the entry door – acknowledging the few people who were around playing pool. I sighed as I placed my hand on the door, it had been a long – cold day and i was glad to get some heat on me. Opening the door i heard a buzzing noise and gasped as I saw a man sitting on my chair, screwdriver in hand and a police box beside him, packed there.

The man looked up and smiled at me, “Hello.” he said, his screw driver running through his hands like a drum stick.

“Hello.” I said as I entered the room and shut the door behind me.

“I am guessing your Tansy?” he said, “I’m….”

“The Doctor.” I smiled, “My Doctor.”

“Yes.” He answered.

“You ready to go? I took the liberty of packing your bookshelf into the TARDIS. You are a bookworm, I have never had one of those.” He answered.

“Actually, trainee librarian.” I corrected.

“Oh, I’ve had one of those…. long time ago now.” He said.

“So you want another phonetics fanatic?” I asked.

The Doctor took a step forward and wrapped me up in a hug, “Of course. And anyway…. you asked for me.” He said as he pulled me into the TARDIS and shut the door.

So currently I am in the TARDIS, travelling god knows where, but somewhere exciting.


Actually….. I am at home sitting on my bed writing this, but The Doctor did come to be today – just when I needed him.

Doctor and I


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