Spleen line up
The remains of what happened at Spleen Comedy on Monday night are still painted in my mind like one of those oil paintings that has seen better days, and by that I mean much better days. As I am sure with everyone who was either on stage or proforming the first half of the night didn’t go to plan.

There was a guy who had drunk so much that before the first act… actually before the show started at 8:30 he was asleep and snoring very loudly. The MC; Tommy Dassalo ignored it but once he started snoring there was no where to run and he started off by saying, “Soosh guys, keep it down, we have a guy trying to sleep and we may wake him up.”

When the third guy came out he took the microphone to drunk guys face and yelled in his best Satan voice at him and there was still no answer.

The final straw came when he farted/shat himself in the middle of the 4th act, after that he was asked to leave.

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