Demian Fox – Drums
Shane O’Brien – Bass
Mick Cullinan – Keys
James Walmsley – Guitar and Lead Vocals

It was at last years Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010 that I heard the festival buzz about these Irish comedy-rock band that had received great reviews for their show at the Roxanne last year.

So I booked a ticket and headed to see them last year and I was blown away that I hadn’t decided to see them sooner.

They formed in 2008 as a sketch group; when three of them were living together they wrote a sketch and got the name Dead Cat Bounce, also a stockbroaking term because their first sketch was three stockbrokers standing around a dead hooker.

There first EP Dead Cat Bounce – Live At The Sugar Club

1. Switzerland
2. Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady
3. Midget
4. Rugby
5. That Summer When We Killed That Guy
6. In Da Club
7. Four Lads

In January 2011 at the Roisin Dubh they recorded their full live cd which was the basis for their Melbourne Comedy Festival show this year; Caged Heat.

1. Mary
2. Christians in Love
3. My Party Now
4. Girls Night
5. Narcoleptic
6. Outsized Orthapedic Shoe
7. Good Touch, Bad Touch
8. Pigeons and Pirates
9. Firemen
10. Human Statue
11. The Weeping of the Willows

They have a new single out called: Rugby, video below.

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