I am aware that I haven’t blogged in over a month and I am aware that is really bad – however I have an excuse. I recently (2.5 weeks ago) started back at TAFE doing my diploma of Library Service. Then, the weekend just gone I have moved back into my perminate residence where I reside with 56 people. Not to mention most of them are Christians and I am an Atheist so we won’t get into that.

It isn’t as bad as it sounds and I quite like what “comic material” living here can generate….. but I digress.

For those of you who are wondering I didn’t end up doing RAW as I had a very infected foot and was exhausted. I have been booking up tickets to this years Comfest and have a week left to fill. I am quite excited and also cannot wait for the release of Adam Hills’ new DVD that is released next week.

A DVD that I also brought when I got Russell Howard’s was Ed Byrne – Different Class. I have only just got to watching it the other night and I thought it was great…. espically as he has my fave skit of his at the end. This is one of my fave bits from the show:

My Fave skit at the end is these two:

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