So it is December, my favourite month of the year – not for the tree, tinsel, stars and a big fat man dressed in red that somehow seems to get into our house despite our dead bolted door and lit fireplace. The cause for my excitement is due to a select number of tickets for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival get put on sale.

Yesterday I booked my first of MANY shows:

  • Dave Bloustien (Good News Week writer and part of the trio for Puppy Fight Club)
  • Fiona Scott-Norman (the ranga on Channel 31’s With Tim Ferguson); and
  • Scared Weird Little Guys – Farewell Tour

There are a lot of shows I am looking forward to seeing; one being this years Barry Award winners: Sammy J and Randy. In 2011 they will star in a show entitled Bin Night.

From laughingstock.com.au

When Sammy J and Randy discover somebody dumping trash in their rubbish bin, they arrange an over-night stake-out to catch the culprit. But when their surveillance operation takes an unfortunate turn, they’re forced to confront some painful questions – with only seven hours before sunrise to find some answers. Why has Sammy been blacklisted by the emergency services? Whatever happened to Randy’s globe-trotting girlfriend? And what exactly are they hiding in their own rubbish bags?

Lock your doors and separate your recyclables…It’s going to be a long night.

Others that I am looking forward to see are:

Adam Hills (if he does a show)

Ali McGregor (If she does a show)

Dave Thornton

Greg Fleet

Felicity Ward

David Quirk

Ardal O’Hanlon

Josh Earl

Dead Cat Bounce

And many more….. will update

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