Popping the Cherry @ Pure Pop

Ever wondered what would happen if musical comedians got together for a night of comedy? Well I had and I got the answer on Sunday 6th June when Pure Pop Records hosted the launch of Pure Pop Ha Ha. This new comedy night is brought to you with the help of Jase English-Rees and Andrew Doodson; better known as Anyone For Tennis?

Opening night for this comedy room was one of the best I’d ever seen.

Our MC for the evening was Andrew McClelland (Mr. McClelland’s Finishing School) who introduced the acts with such swarve and style that you would think no one could match him – then Oliver Clark stepped onto the stage as our first guest for the evening.

Next up was the guy that was known as ‘the newbie in the box’. Dave made a good first impression on the crowd and will be one to watch.

Next up were Anyone For Tennis? Who gave us the quote of the night by explaining that; “We’re only doing two songs tonight cause we can put ourselves on anytime.” They played Margarita and My Future Wife.

To end the first half off they left it to Claire Hollingsworth, who comes from a musical background; she started on guitar but swapped halfway through to the ukulele which was much better. She also did very well and as I hadn’t seen her perform before enjoyed her very much.

The second half started with Ryan Coffey who gave his own interpretation on how some things can be a lot harder and stressful then they seem.

Our second last act for the evening was Geraldine Quinn who gave us some kick arse dance moves that could clear the dance floor.

Saving the best till last, Sammy J finally graced us with his keyboard. Playing a song called The Ballad of Old Man McCliché from his extremely rare studio album, The Burdon of Popularity. He also played the song about an offensive joke and finished with one of my favourites; It’s Time To Go.

All in all it was a fantastic night at Pure Pop in St. Kilda and best off it’s free.

First Sunday of Every Month.

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